It’s a Boy!! 

Yesterday was my 20 week appointment, my husband and I had been waiting for this one to finally find out what we were having! (I feel like it took longer to know the gender of this baby than waiting to find out what Brielle was) and we were able to get the ultrasound of our baby BOY! We were so excited to find out that Brielle was going to be a big sister to a brother. She is following in her momma’s footsteps! I wouldn’t have minded another girl since I’ve had such a fun time with Brielle but a boy is a fun change and I couldn’t be more excited to meet him! 

We also found out that instead of being 20 weeks, I’m actually 21 weeks and am due Nov. 6th instead of Nov. 12th! I am all for meeting this baby a week sooner! 

Now that I know what we are having, my nesting mode has gone into full swing! (Is it too early?) We haven’t decided on a name either so we are going through lists of names to see what we agree upon! This process is totally driving me crazy since we had Brielle’s name picked out before she was even conceived! I’ve also started my registry, baby shower pinning and picking color schemes for the baby room! 

I can’t wait to meet my baby boy and get to spend the holidays with a new baby and see Brielle take on the big sister role! 

On another pregnancy note, pregnancy has been good this time around just like Brielle’s, with just a few added aches,pains, and a much faster growing belly. I’m also dealing with this extremely hot Florida summer! I don’t think if we plan any future children (which I think we are done) I want to do another summer pregnancy, it is no joke! But I am surviving with endless hours in the pool and being indoors! It truly is the only way to survive a Florida summer pregnancy! 

Hope everyone is having a great summer and I’ll be posting soon on some awesome bows, I received for Brielle! 

Couldnt resist buying his first set of onesies at Target.

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