To Protect and Serve

Since my younger brother was little, he was obsessed with anything that dealt with Police Officers. Any tv show, car, toy, he had it or wanted it, and he always played games of him being an officer. It was his dream to be a Police Officer. 

Now he’s an adult and is living his dream of being that Police Officer. It is no longer a game but his job. He wears the uniform, drives the car, but MOST importantly he takes on the responsibility to “Protect and Serve” as that is his job. He knew the risks going into this job and CHOSE it anyway. He, along with every police officer, chose this job knowing they would be hated, knowing they would be putting their lives in risk and that they had to do whatever it took to protect and serve their community as best as they can. They were not forced into this job nor were they bribed into it, they willingly chose it. 

I watched my brother go through his training and heard the stories of all they had to do before given the right and the privilege to be called a Police Officer and to wear that uniform. I am so proud of him for what he has accomplished and for going to his job daily with the mindset of protecting and serving an ungrateful community. A community that does not respect nor support those that protect and serve them. He wakes up, as many officers do, knowing it is their job and does not once complain. They wake up, put on the uniform and do what they do best, protect and serve. It is their dream and their duty. 

The media has done such an amazing job of creating unnecessary drama and building up tensions that would not be so high had they taken a step back and realized that their actions are costing lives of innocent people. They have encouraged our country to hate each other that we now have a civil war among us and all because we have it imprinted in our brains that ALL cops are racists and ALL black people are criminals. We have become a society where we can not have different opinions, beliefs, or thoughts without the fear of being killed because someone is upset that we don’t think or act like them. We have become a society where it is easier to kill a human than to respect them. We have become a group of people that it is easier to save the lives of animals than to have compassion for our own kind. We prefer to hate and fight than love and live peacefully with each other. We prefer to defeat those that protect us than to support them and thank them for all they do, even if we don’t see it and even if the media is out to destroy them. 

I know officers have made poor decisions in the past but they are not above being human. They ARE human which means they will make mistakes just like every other human being on this planet. However, they are also put under pressure of making split decisions in seconds and those seconds can cost them their life or the lives of others if not acted in the best way possible. I do not know what the situations have been in the past, whose right, whose wrong. All I have is what the media chooses to post and what I can read through news stories, but what I do know is that coming from a family member of an officer, they don’t wake up seeing who they can kill today or who they can arrest. They go to work thinking, I will protect and serve to the best of my ability with pride in wearing the uniform. 

All I think about is these poor families that have lost their loved ones because of the poor decisions of hateful people. These families now have to learn how to live their lives without those important people in them. Those police officers have to go into their headquarters 5 officers less and knowing that the war is not over. That they must continue to fight and hope and pray that they are alive to see another day. 

We can not continue to take it upon ourselves to fix hate with hate. We need to come together  as “A nation UNDER GOD, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.” We need to put God above ourselves and our hate and anger. I am angry for these families but I chose to pray for this country. That we can find our humanity again and our nation can rise stronger from this. We can not be a nation, if we are divided. 

I will chose to love than to hate. Jesus loved us ALL so much that he came, died, and rose again for our sins and has placed His righteous judgement, it is for him to handle, not us. We are all  imperfect humans with lives and responsibilities, lets judge less and support more. I will chose to thank any officer I see for his/her service when I see them. I will never take it for granted the peaceful nights of sleep I get, knowing officers are out there making my community safer so that I don’t have to fear going to sleep.

Thank you for all that you do and I stand behind you as a thankful sister, and as a thankful person for making me feel safe in my community. May God give you strength during these hard times and I will pray for you daily! 

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