Week 23 Update

This pregnancy has almost been like if I’ve never been pregnant before! I am going through so many things that I almost feel like I wasn’t just pregnant a year ago. Lol  It is so crazy how pregnancies truly are different each time, no matter how close or far apart they are.  So I am… Continue reading Week 23 Update

It’s a Boy!! 

Yesterday was my 20 week appointment, my husband and I had been waiting for this one to finally find out what we were having! (I feel like it took longer to know the gender of this baby than waiting to find out what Brielle was) and we were able to get the ultrasound of our… Continue reading It’s a Boy!! 

Week 17 Baby Update

So I am almost at my 20th week, half way mark, of my second pregnancy and my anxiety of wanting to know what I am having is getting the best of me! I find out on my 20th week so it’s quickly approaching! I am happy that my energy has come back and in perfect… Continue reading Week 17 Baby Update

Bloom Baby Wipes

Being a first time mommy and now soon to be mommy of two, I am always looking for the best quality of anything for my babies, especially wipes and diapers. I think I’ve gone through every type of diaper and wipe you could think of to find the ones that work best for my baby’s… Continue reading Bloom Baby Wipes

Baby on Board! 

I’m sorry I have been so MIA from posting, it has been a bit of a whirlwind over on my end with things coming up back to back.  With that being said, we have very exciting news!!! We are expecting baby number two in the early part of November! It was a bit of a… Continue reading Baby on Board!