Fall Family Traditions

Im big on traditions. I grew up to spending holidays with family and making memories in the simplest yet most memorable ways. This year, I will be adding a new addition in about 3 weeks, and Brielle is now of age where she enjoys and observes everything. So I wanted to take her to a… Continue reading Fall Family Traditions

Goodbye baby bag, Hello backpack!! 

Fifteen months in as a first time mommy and I am saying good bye to the baby bag and hello to a “big girl” backpack! And of course it is Disney themed. We wouldn’t have it any other way!  So in just a day of changing from an actual bag to backpack,  I am IN… Continue reading Goodbye baby bag, Hello backpack!! 

Play Dates

As Brielle gets older, we have been more into play dates with babies around her age. I have done play dates when she was younger, but the interaction isn’t as fun to watch! It’s more a mommy chat date than a play date (which I’m good with as well).  Now that she interacts with kids… Continue reading Play Dates

Week 23 Update

This pregnancy has almost been like if I’ve never been pregnant before! I am going through so many things that I almost feel like I wasn’t just pregnant a year ago. Lol  It is so crazy how pregnancies truly are different each time, no matter how close or far apart they are.  So I am… Continue reading Week 23 Update

It’s a Boy!! 

Yesterday was my 20 week appointment, my husband and I had been waiting for this one to finally find out what we were having! (I feel like it took longer to know the gender of this baby than waiting to find out what Brielle was) and we were able to get the ultrasound of our… Continue reading It’s a Boy!! 

Brielle in ONE-derland

Brielle’s birthday theme was Alice in Wonderland and I couldn’t be more in love with how it all turned out! My best friend made all the decorations which felt like we had stepped right into pieces of the movie! I also had so much help from my family to make Brielle’s first birthday so special… Continue reading Brielle in ONE-derland