Goodbye baby bag, Hello backpack!! 

Fifteen months in as a first time mommy and I am saying good bye to the baby bag and hello to a “big girl” backpack! And of course it is Disney themed. We wouldn’t have it any other way!  So in just a day of changing from an actual bag to backpack,  I am IN… Continue reading Goodbye baby bag, Hello backpack!! 

Play Dates

As Brielle gets older, we have been more into play dates with babies around her age. I have done play dates when she was younger, but the interaction isn’t as fun to watch! It’s more a mommy chat date than a play date (which I’m good with as well).  Now that she interacts with kids… Continue reading Play Dates

Rose Headbands

One of the things that I have enjoyed lately is working with some shops and being able to show off some hand-made accessories on my little doll. It’s amazing how technology brings people together.  It has been so fun meeting some new people and being able to expand my work-in-progress blog, with the help of… Continue reading Rose Headbands

Week 23 Update

This pregnancy has almost been like if I’ve never been pregnant before! I am going through so many things that I almost feel like I wasn’t just pregnant a year ago. Lol  It is so crazy how pregnancies truly are different each time, no matter how close or far apart they are.  So I am… Continue reading Week 23 Update

To Protect and Serve

Since my younger brother was little, he was obsessed with anything that dealt with Police Officers. Any tv show, car, toy, he had it or wanted it, and he always played games of him being an officer. It was his dream to be a Police Officer.  Now he’s an adult and is living his dream… Continue reading To Protect and Serve