Rose Headbands

One of the things that I have enjoyed lately is working with some shops and being able to show off some hand-made accessories on my little doll. It’s amazing how technology brings people together.  It has been so fun meeting some new people and being able to expand my work-in-progress blog, with the help of… Continue reading Rose Headbands

Valley Baby Bibs 

This post has been long overdue but I finally got around to getting to it! A while back, I was lucky enough to collaborate with a wonderful small etsy shop that makes adorable baby bibs! Valley Baby Bibs has a ton of different styles to fit your baby boy or girl and your fashion sense.  The one I… Continue reading Valley Baby Bibs 

Honey Hugger Knee Pad Leggings!

I was first introduced to these amazing leggings through my friend and fellow blogger Kari. She showed them off on her adorable daughter Gracie and I just fell in love with them. Especially because Brielle had transitioned from crawling on all fours to “knee walking” and was bruising her knees.  I spoke with Kirsten from Honey Huggers and she sent me… Continue reading Honey Hugger Knee Pad Leggings!

Brielle’s First Easter

So this year was Brielle’s first Easter and it was a nice Sunday spent at church and with family. I wasn’t that parent that put my child through the Easter Bunny photo, (not saying it’s a bad thing if you do) since I know my child would not have let me put her down to… Continue reading Brielle’s First Easter

Mickey and Mandy knit mini blanket

     I have been so blessed to work with and speak with some very talented small etsy businesses lately. Thanks to social media and my love for Disney, I came across this small etsy shop called MickeyandMandy. I was lucky enough to speak with Mandy (owner and fellow mom and Disney lover) and get a knitted… Continue reading Mickey and Mandy knit mini blanket

Freshly Picked Moccasins

Now that Brielle is moving more on her feet than on her knees, I wanted to start getting her used to shoes. I was lucky enough to team up with Freshly Picked and get a pair of their adorable moccasins! I love these because they are soft soles so it’s a nice transition from socks to shoes… Continue reading Freshly Picked Moccasins