Fall Family Traditions

Im big on traditions. I grew up to spending holidays with family and making memories in the simplest yet most memorable ways. This year, I will be adding a new addition in about 3 weeks, and Brielle is now of age where she enjoys and observes everything. So I wanted to take her to a… Continue reading Fall Family Traditions

Brielle Is ONE! 

The fact that the title says my little girl is one just shocks me! I can’t believe a year has gone by and what once was my newborn baby, is now my one year little girl (although she will always be my baby). She turned one on Tuesday, May 10 and we are having her… Continue reading Brielle Is ONE! 

Disney Trip Fun! 

Disney was absolutely amazing, as always! Could not have asked for a more perfect weekend! The weather was in the 70s for a high and 50s for the lows! My entire family went except for one of my brothers which always makes trips more fun to have all the characters of my household on vacation… Continue reading Disney Trip Fun! 

Packing for a weekend vacation w/ a 9 month old! 

When it comes to packing, I’m a list person. I have always made lists of what I need or want to bring when packing for a trip. It keeps me sane and helps me not to forget all the small things. I usually start my list a week before my trip so that I’m in… Continue reading Packing for a weekend vacation w/ a 9 month old! 

Family Sunday Fundays! 

Sunday’s are usually a family day. We are a close family to begin with but Sunday’s are when we all have time to spend together since none of us work. We have lunches together and spend time doing things together.  Lately, my new favorite thing to do with Brielle is to take her to the… Continue reading Family Sunday Fundays! 

Carrying on the love of Disney

I have always loved Disney! Everything about it just captures me! The classic movies, the way you feel when entering the parks, the music, the fireworks, and the hotels! Since being a little girl, our family vacations would be to Disney every year and every year I was just as excited and had just as… Continue reading Carrying on the love of Disney

My Lifestyle Change of 2016

So it’s January 2016 and I am still in denial that the holidays are over! Taking down my decor was depressing, as it is every year! However, now that it is the new year, it is time to start making the changes I posted about in my last blog.  In my last blog post, one… Continue reading My Lifestyle Change of 2016