Figure 8 Maternity

It’s so crazy how two weeks with a newborn feels so much longer! I feel like I have been in a bubble and have no idea what day it is or what’s going on in the world! However, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am in love with Maddox and I’m loving having both my babies with me at all times! 

While I have finally gotten some time to myself (thanks to my hubby) to catch up on blogging, I have to tell you about another favorite Maternity/Nursing shop Figure 8 Maternity. Their pajama set and nursing bra I received are hands down one of my favorites! I have tried so many nursing bras, from target, to walmart, even to a few pricier ones, and honestly am not a fan of many of them. This bra however, is comfy, easy to clip off without the cup coming back up, and what I like most is, has a thicker back strap so it doesn’t cut into my “post baby back fat” as I like to call it. 

Along with the bra, I received the cutest pajama set! It is hands down the most comfy set I’ve worn and makes nursing/pumping so much more enjoyable and stylish. I have probably worn them around the house all day at least several times in the two weeks I’ve been home with Maddox. I can see myself wearing them long after I have stopped nursing. Figure 8 Maternity has so many cute options for pajama sets, each equally comfy. They are one of my tops, to shop at as far as nursing/maternity goes and if I have any more children, they will be on my shopping list. I’m so glad I came across them this time around, I just wish I had been able to enjoy their products my first pregnancy. 

Nursing moms and moms-to-be, check out Figure 8 Maternity, what better way to nurse than in comfy/ stylish attire! 


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