Bun Maternity 

I’m two weeks post partum and I can say it definitely has been a transition going from one child to two. There’s so much i forgot about the newborn stage but I am loving every second of it. 

I can say this second round of recooperating has been a lot easier for me in general. To give a back story, I was induced with Brielle at 39 weeks and I was 31 hours in labor and pushed her for 3 hours before she was born on Mother’s Day 2015. I tore four degrees with her and the overall after birth experience was rough for me. I spent a good three weeks very sore and in a robe and pants the entire time because I could barely muster the energy to move enough to change clothes. I had no idea what to expect or what to wear during my post labor time. This time around with Maddox, I was much more prepared. I was also induced at 39 weeks but I only was in labor for a few hours and pushed him out in 40 minutes, and he was actually bigger of the two babies! Goes to show you how different pregnancies and labors of babies can be! 

Anyways, one thing I came prepared to the hospital and at home for, this time around, was good and comfy nursing attire. I bought several nursing bras, pulled out my old nursing tanks and was even lucky enough to be sent some amazing nursing tops from Bun Maternity. The tank top and jersey material t-shirt they sent me have been heaven sent! They are super comfy and ideal for the nursing mom. I actually am exclusively pumping, and these tops make it easy access to pump anywhere as well. Best part is, they are stylish and can be worn out and about and look like normal clothes yet, they have their secret compartments that allow easy access to nurse/pump. I honestly can’t say enough about this Shop, and am highly considering making a wardrobe out of their tank tops, since they come in a ton of colors, and living in South Florida, cold weather isn’t a normal, not even during Christmas.

So if you are a new mom or soon to be mommy, go check out Bun Maternity, I promise you won’t be disappointed with their clothing. 


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