Baby Maddox is almost here!!! 

My days of being pregnant are  dwindleing to the last days.

As of right now, I will be meeting my little man Tuesday. I had my 38 week appointment this past Tuesday and my doctor said that being I am only 2 centimeters dilated & he was measuring big, I could be induced the following Tuesday since it will be my 39th week, if I didn’t go before (which I knew most likely wouldn’t happen). So naturally, I have opted for a Tuesday induction to meet Maddox.

I am so excited to meet him, hold him, introduce him to Brielle and just have the addition to the family but I’m also so nervous about leaving Brielle for the time I will be in the hospital. This will be the first time she has ever been away from me for more than a few hours. I know she’s in amazing hands since my parents will be watching her, and they watch her on a regular basis, but she eventually comes back to me. This will be two days that she can’t be with me or go home with me until I can go home.  

As far as everything else goes, I’m just so ready to meet him and have my body somewhat back. I love pregnancy in the fact that it’s such a miracle and feeling the baby move inside you, is such an amazing feeling but I also am now so big, I’m uncomfortable and now I am ready to move on to the next stage of enjoying my complete family, especially during the holiday season! 

I will post again once he’s been born and I’m settled and in a groove of juggling two children under two. 

Wish me luck!! 


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