Fall Family Traditions

Im big on traditions. I grew up to spending holidays with family and making memories in the simplest yet most memorable ways. This year, I will be adding a new addition in about 3 weeks, and Brielle is now of age where she enjoys and observes everything. So I wanted to take her to a pumpkin patch and get her pumpkin before I was occupied with child labor and a newborn and missed this fall tradition with her. 

Last year we began our traditions with her, which was fun as new parents, but now I’m even more excited because she is more aware and can actively participate. And being able to see her excitement and expressions will make it even more memorable for me. 

Today, was the most perfect day for us to start our family traditions. My husband had most of the early part of the day off, so we decided to take Brielle to a local farmers market and have her pick out her pumpkin to decorate. (Also, I was looking forward to their frozen apple cider, it’s so good! Yum!)

The weather has been slightly less humid for Florida and it has been breezy so it felt like a nice fall day for us Floridians. It is also Monday so the market was empty which allowed us to get some pics without rushing and grab a pumpkin without trying to squeeze betweenall the  parents getting photos around pumpkins or getting their child’s pumpkin. So it made it a nice family outing without the hassle! 

Brielle loved looking at everything going on and took in a lot of her surroundings. She didn’t even want to leave because all she wanted to do was stay outside and stroll the grounds. She is such an outdoor baby, she could be outside all day if I let her! I love it! 

As the time nears for Maddox’s arrival, I hope to continue updating on all that’s going on in our household and with our other family traditions. I would love to know what some of your family traditions are, whether for fall or winter! 

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week! 


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