35 Week Update

I can’t believe I have FINALLY reached the 35 week mark! It’s crazy to think that in 5 more weeks, maybe even less, I will have my baby boy here to join our family and make us a family of four. 

I have so many mixed emotions about it all! 

1. I’m so excited to meet him and hold him but at the same time, will miss my one on one with Brielle. She’s doing so many things, I just don’t want to overlook one. 

2. I also am nervous about lack of sleep (times two) since Brielle is still not sleeping the night through. 

3. How I will manage both and getting ourselves on somewhat of a schedule while trying to enjoy the holidays and all the activities I want to do with Brielle. 

So it’s been a lot of thinking and prepping but I’m still not 100% sure what to expect and although I know Brielle will make an amazing big sister, I hope she doesn’t get jealous of her baby brother! 

Anyways, besides all the nerves about what’s to come, Maddox is growing very well in my belly, I honestly don’t know where else he can fit since I already feel stretched to the max. I get an ultrasound at my 36 week appointment to see how big he is, so I’m excited to see him one more time before I have him in my arms. 

I also have so much to do, baby shower prepping, hospital bag packing, I’ve already started Christmas shopping for Brielle since I know, I won’t be hitting many stores often once Maddox makes his debut. I just can’t believe how crunch time for Maddox has come so quickly! I just can’t wait to see my two babies together and have the holidays complete with our new addition. 

How have you managed two children under 2 and what was the hardest thing for you? Let me know!! 

Oh and Happy Fall everyone!!! Let the holiday fun begin! 


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