Maddox James Maternity Shoot

I have been so lucky to have such talented people around me to capture beautiful moments of my family and of my baby bump. 

With this pregnancy I was able to get some photos done by my amazing friend Kari  (Graceful Collective Photography) and by my sister, Elysse. They both did such an amazing job and I can’t wait to develop all of the photos to put around the house to show off our soon to be family of four! 

I have always been one to want to capture as many memories as possible the ought photos but now being a mother and realizing how life is never still and time seems to speed up, I have been with phone in hand capturing all Brielle does. I am so excited to see Brielle be a big sister and I know she will take on the role so well, she already shows so much love and such a sweet maternal side to her, that I know Maddox will be in good hands! 

Here are just a few of my favorites (there are just too many to choose from) from both shoots. I decided to go for a much more simpler and cozier style for photos. 

Brielle always says “Hi baby” to my bump.


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