Bathtime Bubble Fun!

I know it has been a while since my last post! I feel horrible not keeping up with my blog as much as my Instagram, it’s just hard working part time, being on my last couple months of this pregnancy, and juggling a very active 16 month old daughter, all with trying to stay as sane as possible! 

Anyways, bath time has become Brielle’s absolute favorite ending to our day. I made it an early habit to make it part of her nighttime routine and it has been a nice way to unwind and spend some time together. 

Lately, her new obsession are the bubbles that form in the water! She loves yelling “Bubbles!” and trying to grab as many in her hands and eat them, yes eat them! I am teaching her that we blow the bubbles but she only lets me blow them off her hands or resorts to just licking them off herself! 

I find it so funny that it’s her new thing and she could spend hours just doing that, no toys needed. It’s so neat watching her grow and every day finding or doing something new. And I can’t believe in just 9 weeks I will have a newborn to juggle along with all her new explorations. I am definitely going to miss the one on one time she and I have, but I am soooo excited to meet Maddox! 

Hope everyone is having a great week! Luckily tomorrow is Friday!! Woo-hoo! 


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