Play Dates

As Brielle gets older, we have been more into play dates with babies around her age. I have done play dates when she was younger, but the interaction isn’t as fun to watch! It’s more a mommy chat date than a play date (which I’m good with as well). 

Now that she interacts with kids more, watching her play and share with them, is so much more fun to watch, especially watching her personality grow daily. She absolutely loves playing with other kids and interestingly enough does really well with sharing toys and giving things back, which I am so proud that she is sweet natured about it. 

One of our favorite girls to have play dates with, is Gracie. She is the cutest and they get along so well! They are about a month apart in age but they have such a great time together while her mom, Kari, and I enjoy some Starbucks and catch up on all things about mom life, such as the fact that our girls seem to suffer from an allergy to sleep. 😮😵 (hence why Starbucks is a must on our play dates lol) 

Anyways, this stage is truly so much fun especially with being able to watch her grow into her own and interact with others and see how she meshes with them. And I can’t wait to see how well she does when little Maddox joins our family in November! 

Enjoy some pics of our play date today (thanks to Kari who captured some awesome pictures!)


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