Rose Headbands

One of the things that I have enjoyed lately is working with some shops and being able to show off some hand-made accessories on my little doll. It’s amazing how technology brings people together. 

It has been so fun meeting some new people and being able to expand my work-in-progress blog, with the help of these people and their businesses! 

I recently was able to work with Roseheadbands9. She is such a sweet person and her bows are absolutely gorgeous! I have been overusing them on Brielle, especially since they stretch enough where it doesn’t bother her and it doesn’t leave creases in her hair since the straps are made with nylon. 

I am so happy I can still rock headbands on Brielle since clips fall right off of her since her hair is still thin. So these have added just the perfect touch of girly-ness to her outfits! 

Check her shop out on Instagram and etsy at RoseHeadbands9! You won’t be dissapointed! 


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