Brielle at 14 months… Let the toddler begin!

I know I have been posting so much on updating my pregnancy of baby boy, that I haven’t posted much on Brielle. So I figured I’d update on my life with a 14 month old and all the fun we have in this stage of her life.

So, she is doing so much I can barely keep up. She says so many words and repeats, or at least tries, everything we say. It’s so cute but also kind of scary since now we have to monitor how or what we say and what’s on the television and music! She knows certain body parts such as eyes, nose, toes, feet. She understands when I ask her to clean up her messes and she loves going shopping with me so she can wave and say hi to anyone who will listen.  I never really realized how much they learn and pick up on at such an early age. I mean she’s only been an official toddler for a few months but its like she’s learned so many things overnight!

I honestly can say this is one of my favorite stages! I enjoy every minute of her and all the cute things she does, even her sassy moments of saying “NO!” is cute in its own way… Just not when trying to change her diaper and she refuses!

Now the part I’m not loving so much:
Problem 1. Her lack of not wanting to eat anything besides oatmeal and yogurt. Does anyone else have these issues with their 14 month old? I am trying so many different tactics to make eating fun or appealing and she is just not having it. She is a snack-as- you-go, kinda of girl and highchairs are not her favorite thing! I have learned not to stress myself out over it but I had it in my mind that she would be this healthy veggie and chicken eating baby and if anything she is the polar opposite! I can’t even say she is unhealthy or losing weight either because she is still active and maintaing her weight, which has never been a problem of hers.

Problem 2. TEETHING MOLARS!!! Oh the horror!! I thought all along teething her front teeth was bad, well I have found something much worse! It would be those dang molars and the pain they cause her. She turned from one week being a happy, fun,easy-going baby, to a whiny, clingy, over sensitive NON-SLEEPING baby! I didn’t know what to do with her,tylenol and motrin both didn’t seem to take off the edge enough and loving on her didn’t seem to make her any happier! I dont know what those things do to children but it is definitely something us first time moms should be warned about.
Luckily, she has gotten back into her normal self and routines, minus having her fingers constantly in her mouth and drooling because those teeth have yet to make an appearance. I truly jsut hope they come soon so she can be done with those little bad boys and maybe her eating will be better as well! (a mom can hope, right?)

All in all, she is healthy and growing, and she is a smart, sweet, funny little girl who is full of energy and loves exploring! She has stolen my heart and continues to keep me falling more and more in love with her with every passing day! I honestly can’t wait to see her interact with her baby brother and know she will be the best big sister!


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