Week 23 Update

This pregnancy has almost been like if I’ve never been pregnant before! I am going through so many things that I almost feel like I wasn’t just pregnant a year ago. Lol 

It is so crazy how pregnancies truly are different each time, no matter how close or far apart they are. 

So I am currently on my 23 week (almost 24th) and I am feeling little man move so much, and actually have been since week 17, but now it’s much more noticeable. He feels like he’s doing gymnastics in my belly when I had just started to feel movements with Brielle around this time! Round ligaments are no joke this time around and I get them fairly frequently, which is definitely not fun! I spend those days where I feel like I’m cramping, just sitting around watching Brielle play since moving hurts (apparently that’s normal for some people the second time around).

This passed Wednesday, I went to get an extra ultrasound done because they had wanted to check something on him (all came back perfectly fine) and was able to see his detailed little hands and feet! I am always amazed at how quickly they grow and how much they do! The ultrasound tech was amazing and she pointed out all his different parts and even caught him yawning, which was the cutest! She also told me he has long arms and eats “very well” which I confirmed with her since all I do is eat! And which also means, he is following well after his older sister! Oh boy… Another big baby on the way! 

All in all, he is healthy and perfect and I can’t wait to meet him in November! It’s crazy how much I love him and he hasn’t even made his way into the world! He is already loved by his big sister who lifts my shirt up and says hi every morning and rubs my belly, which melts my heart! I know she actually doesn’t realize there’s a baby in my belly but the gesture is still adorable. 

I have been having mixed feelings currently between wanting to enjoy Brielle’s fun stage as long as possible and enjoy her every minute alone but at the same time, can’t wait to hold little man and see the two of them grow up together and interact. Having children truly is the biggest blessing! 

I will continue to post my pregnancy updates as I get further along and continue to expand in the belly. I will also be posting an update on Brielle and talk about some cute headbands I received for her and also write a post on my go-to pregnancy items this time around! 

I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend! 

Baby boy’s right hand! How cute is it?!

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