Week 17 Baby Update

So I am almost at my 20th week, half way mark, of my second pregnancy and my anxiety of wanting to know what I am having is getting the best of me! I find out on my 20th week so it’s quickly approaching! I am happy that my energy has come back and in perfect timing since I am now on summer break for the next two months (woo hoo!) 

I have people asking me what I think/feel it is but I honestly have no clue! I’ve had dreams of having both a boy and another girl. Some days I think it’s boy and others I think it’s girl. I definitely can say that this pregnancy has been completely different from my first with Brielle! 

I haven’t craved any one specific food like I did with Brielle, besides fried egg w/hashbrown and toast. I think I ate that every morning with Brielle and so far with this one, I’m pretty much the same. With Brielle I craved lots of cucumbers in salt and olive oil and a ton of caprese salads but this round has been nothing of that sense. If anything I crave more “unhealthy” foods and a ton of carbs! Luckily I haven’t gained much which I think is also due to the fact that I am chasing behind a one year old and have started swimming laps 4-5 days a week. 

One thing I have learned from my first pregnancy is to take it easy some days. With Brielle I think I tried to cram so much into the days and clean and organize all the time that I was exhausted before she came and even more so after she came! But this time, I spend more time just enjoying Brielle, having some quiet time reading when she’s napping or laying in bed, feet up watching tv, even though I may have dishes to clean or a floor to mop. I just find that in the end, it will get done but I need to relax and enjoy my pregnancies and not over do it. 

So with that said, I am having a wonderful second pregnancy and am so excited to know what I am having! Have zero names picked out but I still have time for that! Lol! 

I would love to know what some things you momma’s did to take it easy on your pregnancies! 

Have a great rest of the weekend! 


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