Honey Hugger Knee Pad Leggings!

I was first introduced to these amazing leggings through my friend and fellow blogger Kari. She showed them off on her adorable daughter Gracie and I just fell in love with them. Especially because Brielle had transitioned from crawling on all fours to “knee walking” and was bruising her knees.  I spoke with Kirsten from Honey Huggers and she sent me her garden style leggings!

When I received them, I couldn’t believe how cushioned and comfy the leggings were! I put them on her and it was like a cloud for Brielle’s poor little knees! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to capture her on her knees since she quickly moved on to actual walking, BUT the best part is, I can still use these because on the occasional falls to the knees, those little pads cushion those falls!

For you momma’s out there that have little ones crawling or even walking, I HIGHLY recommend Honey Hugger leggings! They are great quality for a great price and with the cutest little prints! There are several different prints so I would definitely check them out! I even plan to use these on baby number two, even if it’s a boy! (Hee Hee!)


Thank you Kirsten and Honey Huggers for making my daughters wardrobe just that much cuter!


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