Mother’s Day

It has been such a busy month for me! I feel like my days fly by and I have no time to just sit. Luckily, Mother’s Day was a nice break from the busy everyday duties.

Mother’s Day has been one of the best days for me as of last year. On Mother’s Day last year, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Brielle at 2:00 a.m. It was an amazing gift for my first Mother’s Day that my first born daughter was born. I cant begin to describe the joy it felt holding her that day and realizing that she would be forever mine. However, this Mother’s Day had a whole new meaning since I was able to enjoy it outside of a hospital with my family and my almost one year old (she turned one the Tuesday after this year).

I don’t need anything fancy to make my day so it was nice that my husband gave me the morning to pamper myself and have the time to take a nice long shower, actually do my hair and makeup without being rushed or in between naps and get dressed. I was lucky enough to be able to show off my new maternity maxi dress gifted to me by pinkblushmaternity. I love the light blue color of the dress and the lace on the skirt part gave it the perfect feminine touch without making it too fancy! It was the perfect day dress and actually one of my favorite maternity dresses in my closet. PinkBlushMaternity is my go-to for my maternity style outfits. They definitely have a great variety of styles to fit your specific fashion sense and for a reasonable price! Check them out if you get a chance!

After my morning pampering, my husband and I had some breakfast and later on went to my parents house for lunch and some tanning time by the pool! I couldnt have asked for a more perfect and relaxing Mother’s Day! I truly am one blessed momma! I hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day as well!!


Thank you PinkBlushMaternity for making me look and feel beautiful on such a special day!!

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