Surviving Baby’s First Cold! 

Let’s be honest, whether you are a mother of 1 or 5, it’s never easy dealing with a baby that has a cold or any sickness for that matter. Worst part is, they can’t tell you what hurts or what’s bothering them so you scramble aimlessly trying to soothe that poor baby of yours! 

I had the unfortunate encounter with Brielle’s first cold. Of course it hit right after our vacation, so coming back to reality really hit hard! She ended up with fever, congestion and the runny nose! Of course with colds you have to let them run their coarse but you try to ease the symptoms in any way that you can. 

Some of the things that really worked for me in easing Brielle’s discomfort during this time I will list below and hopefully these things may help you or maybe you can send me some things that may help me out next go around! I hope that Brielle doesn’t catch anything else for at least another year but I know, that might be wishful thinking (unless I keep her in a bubble! Lol) 

My go-to list to get rid of colds: 

1. Tylenol/ Motrin – this really helped knock that fever down quick. Motrin worked better than Tylenol but once the fever subsided, I switched to Tylenol just to keep it at bay. 

2. Humidifier w/Vicks liquid cough suppressant inside (mixed with water) – this was I think the best thing for her at night! We placed this right by her crib and left it on all night, it de-congested her and allowed her to sleep more comfortably. 

3. Saline spray – this I use for my allergies all the time! But I ended up using them for her throughout the day and although she absolutely hated it, it definitely cleared her sinuses up much faster.

4. Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator – now this little contraption is interesting. Since Brielle is my first, I’ve never used it. You basically suck from a tube out the snot of your child. (don’t worry none of it goes into your mouth). As gross as it sounds, I did this after the saline spray and it really helped clear out more from her little nose! It isn’t expensive and I got mine at Buy Buy Baby. 

5. Pedialite- Brielle had very little of an appetite so this really kept her hydrated during her cold. I had the strawberry flavored kind. 

6. Boogie wipes – these are good for baby’s little noses. It has saline in them and are more gentle to the touch than tissues. It also keeps their noses from being crusted from all the blowing! 

7. Lastly, lots of love and cuddles. Brielle wanted nothing but to be on me all day long and although I had things to do, I stopped all of it to be with her. She needed her momma and I gave her all of my love and attention! I mean what mom doesn’t want cuddles from their babies? 

Hope this helps some of you and I look forward to hearing what works best for you! 



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