Freshly Picked Moccasins

Now that Brielle is moving more on her feet than on her knees, I wanted to start getting her used to shoes. I was lucky enough to team up with Freshly Picked and get a pair of their adorable moccasins! I love these because they are soft soles so it’s a nice transition from socks to shoes as Brielle gets used to moving around with shoes on her feet!

 I chose the creme and gold colored pair but they have a ton of colors for both boys and girls! They are also made of good quality and they also have them in hard soles. I absolutely love them and love that I can match them with a cute dress or a cute top and bottoms! 

Check them out on their Instagram  and Etsy shop! You will fall in love with their shoes!! 

And don’t forget to sign up for our giveaway of a pair of soft sole moccasins, your choice of color! Check out my Instagram for more info: veepridmore

(Sorry for the pictures, so hard to get a pic of Brielle not moving!)





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