Disney Trip Fun! 

Disney was absolutely amazing, as always! Could not have asked for a more perfect weekend! The weather was in the 70s for a high and 50s for the lows! My entire family went except for one of my brothers which always makes trips more fun to have all the characters of my household on vacation together. We were lucky enough to stay at the Art of Animation Lion King Suite! I definitely would stay there again!  

As for the parks and handling a 9 month old! Brielle did amazing! She was such a trooper and rode a few rides. She was not fussy or hard to handle and we did a mid-day break back to the resort where we napped and relaxed before heading back. I personally think that is the best way to go especially with a baby. It gives everyone time to refresh and the baby time to nap and feed without the crowds. I know when I go with her, the pace will be much slower and if we don’t get to a few rides it’s ok. I mean I’ve been to Disney every year since I was 2! 

I am definitely looking forward to many more family memories and trips to Disney!    



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