Packing for a weekend vacation w/ a 9 month old! 

When it comes to packing, I’m a list person. I have always made lists of what I need or want to bring when packing for a trip. It keeps me sane and helps me not to forget all the small things. I usually start my list a week before my trip so that I’m in a calm peace of mind and can jot down all the necessities. 

Now that I will be traveling with a nine month old, lists are VERY important. Especially to keep track of both our bags and what we inicially need. Since we will be traveling to Disney World soon, I wanted to start her list since it requires a little more thought than my own. 

Since we will only be in Disney for a couple days, our packing won’t be too extensive, but I’ve never been a light packer and with all the cute Disney clothes she owns, it’ll be hard not to over pack! 

Here is my list of Brielle’s luggage for our Disney Trip: (listed from biggest items to smallest) 

  1. Pack n Play/sheets/blanket. ( Brielle sleeps the night in her crib and Disney does have available pack n play and cribs when you request them however, I tend to bring mine since I know she has her home smell and in case Disneys pack n play isn’t to our liking. Always better safe than sorry) 
  2. Stroller (the Disney parks do offer their own strollers, but bringing our own is much easier) 
  3. Baby bag/ back pack. (I bring her baby bag that I use on a daily basis but we purchased a smaller Disney back pack to just put the small needs for traveling the park that day. So we swap just her needs such as formula, baby food, wipes, diapers and a change of clothes and leave all the other stuff I pack in there in her bag at the hotel. This makes walking around the parks easier and dad can jump in on wearing the back pack! 
  4. Inflatable tub / Minnie Mouse Towel (Her tub is so light weight and easier to bathe her in since I won’t know how the tub arrangement is and better yet, it’s Disney Princess theme)
  5. Diapers and wipes
  6. Formula ( Brielle is on Similac Sensitive Formula since she had Colic when she was a newborn
  7. Mobile Clip Fan (this is a huge lifesaver! We went to Disney in Sept of last year when she was 4 months. We clipped the fan to her overhang on her stroller and it kept her cool while we strolled around! And the best part is, it was only $10 at Buy Buy Baby.)
  8. Bottles / Pacifiers / sippy cup 
  9. Clothes/Pjs (warm and cold weather outfits) Since we live in South Florida you never know what the weather will be like. 
  10. Baby sun screen. (I use the Organics baby sunscreen
  11. Mosquito net for stroller 
  12. Some toys (of course her Belle and Minnie stuffed toys

I believe I wrote down all I will need for her but of 


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