My Favorite “Mom” App: the Similac App

I’ve always been a schedule kind of girl. I can change plans anytime but I had to have a schedule to go by as a guideline. As a first time mom, scheduling is even more important to me. Keeping Brielle on  some sort of schedule helps the both of us. She’s never been on a timed schedule but she’s always had that routine of eat, play, sleep and it’s usually within a 2-3 hour span. One thing that has helped me keep up with her schedule is the Similac App. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, it helps time your feedings, the amount you feed and the amount the baby eats, because let’s be honest, who remembers all that mid-day after chasing a little one, doing chores and everything else that goes on in a day span? 

It also even helps you remember which side you breastfed on last so you know to start on the other side at the next feeding. 

The Similac app also has a timer for sleep, to keep track of your babies sleep length and it even allows you to track their bowl movements! The best part is, it’s easy access on your phone, which you know you have on hand at all times to take endless photos of your cutie! It truly has helped me so much to keep up with her schedule and all things revolving around my sweet little munchkin! I highly recommend this app to any mothers of little ones whether it’s your first or your fifth! 

Hope you enjoy and check out the Similac App! 

Disclaimer: this was not sponsored by Similac. 


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