Carrying on the love of Disney

I have always loved Disney! Everything about it just captures me! The classic movies, the way you feel when entering the parks, the music, the fireworks, and the hotels! Since being a little girl, our family vacations would be to Disney every year and every year I was just as excited and had just as much fun as the previous year. 

Getting older hasn’t changed my love and having a daughter has just made the “Disney Magic” so much more exciting since I get to see it through her eyes and share my love of it with her. I have already started my own movie collection so when she is a little older we can enjoy endless cuddles and movie nights together singing away. She already owns her own Disney shirts, Minnie Mouse stuffed toys and princess dolls, and we are already planning her first year birthday party around a very fun Disney theme! We took her to Disney World for the first time when she was 4 months old. She was still not too sure about it but just being there with her and my whole family made the experience so fun. We have our second trip to Disney at the end of this month and she will be closer to 10 months so I am just super excited to see how she reacts to Mickey and the characters since she already has a love for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! 

I know that some people say Disney is overrated and there is only so much to do but I will forever love it for the family memories it has given me and the family memories to come! 

Hope you all have a Magical Day! 



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