My Lifestyle Change of 2016

So it’s January 2016 and I am still in denial that the holidays are over! Taking down my decor was depressing, as it is every year! However, now that it is the new year, it is time to start making the changes I posted about in my last blog. 

In my last blog post, one of my new years resolutions was to get back into working out and having a healthier lifestyle. I’m sure many of you are thinking, that’ll last this month and then it’s back to normal. I usually thought that way and in most cases it would be true. But I realized that I was setting myself up for failure because my goals and resolutions were unrealistic. I would make these crazy ideas and then not stick to them because I was either overworking myself for my goal or depriving myself. So this year I decided to go for a different mind set, set realistic goals and slowly make the changes I want, simple right? 

Pre-baby, I’d be in the gym about 4-5 times a week and weighed between 115-117 and wore size 4 in pants, but during  pregnancy, I gained 50 pounds, yes I said it 50!!!  (And to be honest, while pregnant it was the healthiest I had eaten but she was a big baby and I’ m only 5 feet tall.

Post baby has been difficult for me because I’ve only lost 30 of those 50 and it hasn’t been easy for me adjusting to the new size,(let me add, my daughter was worth every pound gained) so I decided to enjoy the holidays and come January, really work at getting back to my original weight in a healthy and easy way. 

I no longer am a fan of the gym, so I have set up a calendar to tote around with me with at home and outdoor workouts that include the baby and also ones where I can do on my own and also healthy meals each day to prep so that I don’t chose “unhealthy items”. I need something on a calendar or written to help me stay focused. I plan to eat better however I don’t plan to restrict myself from a dinner out or a sweet treat on occasion, it just won’t be my go-to option. 

So to make this transition a little more fun, I decided to treat myself to some cute workout outfits to make me more motivated to workout and make me feel somewhat “cute” as I sweat! 

A new online shop that I was lucky enough to get a couple shirts from is the company called Uproar Fitness. They are starting off but already have some nice tops for both men and women and with new designs and looks on the way!  So definitely stop by there shop and check them out! I am excited to wear the shirts I received and get my workout routine started! 

Hope you all enjoyed a great New Years Eve and Day and hope this year is a great one for you as well! 

  This one just fits me since coffee is my lifeline! Lol

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