Happy New Years! Welcome 2016

I canNOT believe the new year is literally around the corner and 2015 is a year in the past. As the new year approaches and I reminisce on all the amazing blessings of this past year (birth of my first child, being able to only work part time, my husband’s raise, getting a new car and couch, and being able to spend time with family on a weekly basis, and so many more) I’m so excited to see what new blessings and adventures this new year brings for our family. 

With a new year comes the oh so popular “New Years Resolutions” and even though I am not one to make them, since I tend to never follow through with them but I decided to make a list of ones for this year. They are realistic changes and ways to make this year more memorable, accomplishing, and enjoyable. 

My 2016 resolution list:

1. Continue to enjoy every moment with Brielle, as she is growing so quickly. 

2. Make more memories as a family.

3. Read my bible more & pray more. 

4. Make a healthier lifestyle & get back to working out 3 days a week. 

5. Read my books more. 

6. Relax & Laugh more, stress less. 

7. Take at least one family vacation. 

8. And last but definitely not least, make the most of planning Brielle’s first birthday party. (Theme: Brielle in ONEderland) 

If you need a simple paper of resolutions, my sweet friend Kari who also has a blog, has a printable resolution list you can always printOut for yourself! Check her blog out as well Kari’s Blog 

Let me know what your New Years resolutions are and hope that you can accomplish them! 

Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years!! Write soon in 2016!! 

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