Brielle’s First Christmas 

  Now that my favorite season is upon us, I can do all of the activities I’ve been wanting to do since I found out I was pregnant with Brielle. Since we live in south Florida, we can count making snow angels and sledding out, but I did want to make simple and fun traditions for our family just like my family made some with my siblings and myself. So of course, first thing on the list was getting a real tree, now I can’t promise this one will stay tradition because she has been on a mission to eat pine needles whenever she finds them on the floor… (Talk about having to watch her every moment.) My husband and I also started one when we got engaged, which was to get a new Disney ornament every December to add to our tree to eventually have a whole Disney themed tree. So this year, my parents bought us one of Dumbo with the saying “baby’s first Christmas”, next year we will let her pick one out herself. Next on the list is definitely Christmas lights watching. We have already gone to see to the Hyatt house and another house which is all Disney themed (of course my favorite). It is so much fun to watch Brielle be amazed by all the lights, especially because she is so observant at her 7 months of age. We also plan to see a few other places that have a ton of lights as the week continues to Christmas but so far this is where we are at. I have made Christmas cookies while she sat in her high chair and have played and watched an abundance of Christmas music and Hallmark Christmas movies and now that I am off work until the new year, Christmas is in full swing in our home. I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season and starting or continuing family traditions with your own families! I know I’m enjoying it so much more now that we have our beautiful girl to enjoy it with! 

I hope you all have a blessed, safe, and very Merry Christmas! 



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