My Thanksgiving Day look! 

I know, I know.. I’m running a little behind on my blogs! The days fly by and before I know it, it’ll be Christmas! (Gasp!) 

I am usually a drug store makeup girl on my everyday looks but for holidays and special events, I tend to use my higher end makeup to doll myself up. So for our thanksgiving dinner, I decided to go with an orange/bronze/neutral look that brought out my brown eyes and a brown lip. 

The products I used on my eyes included: 

1. Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette (used the “Nude” and “Cashmere Bunny” in the crease to start the blending process) 

2.  Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar (I used the colors “Peanut Butter” also in the crease, “Truffled” and “Cocoa Chili”for the outer corner and “Coconut Creme” and “Butter Pecan” for under my eyebrow) This is one of my favorite eye shadow palettes, the colors are gorgeous and are meant for brown eyes and best part… The palette smells like chocolate! 

3. Lorca PRO palette 2 (I used the “Rose” color for my lids. It’s almost like a rose gold, which I love because it has a bit of shimmer but not overpowering) 

4. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (I used this foundation for my face and it is by far my favorite high-end foundation. They have a ton of colors to match all skin types, it’s light weight but full coverage, and does not get oily of greasy which is a huge plus for someone with oily skin, like myself) 

5. Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation (I used this to help matify the foundation and it gives a flawless look to your face! This is also a favorite of mine and something I use daily on my face. It too also smells like chocolate! )

6. Lips: I used MAC Whirl lip pencil and then just put a nude sheer lip gloss over it. I used the color since it has a fall color look to it and to be honest, I actually forgot I had that color so I felt it was time to use it again! 

For blush, bronzer and highlight, I just played with some store brand things I had and what worked best for my skin color and look. Those parts weren’t the big focus of my look so I didn’t put much emphasis on them. 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and are all ready for the fun Christmas season (my favorite). 

*Disclaimer: I was not sponsored by any of the name brands mentioned in this blog, this is all my preferences. 


This was Brielle’s attire for her first Thanksgiving! 

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