A Quiet Night In

On nights that my husband works late and Brielle goes down for the night, I like to take advantage and spoil myself a little bit with an at-home relaxing ritual. I’m not into anything super fancy, just something that sets me up for a good nights rest, or until Brielle wakes up for a bottle. 

The first two things I do, which to me are the most important things, is put on some comfy, loose fitting pjs and wash my face. My go-to pj, is a cut-off T-shirt dress with a skull on it and either shorts or knee high socks. It is the comfiest thing I own and I love it because it’s light weight which allows me to snuggle up in my comforter but not get hot. Secondly, I go into the bathroom and wash my face, brush my teeth and all that jazz. I have to wash my face before bed because for me, it causes break outs since I have sensitive skin, I usually use neutrogena with my clarisonic. After that, I put on my face bio-oil , which moisturizers my face but doesn’t have that thick oil feel that I’m sure comes to mind when you hear the word “oil”. With those two steps down, I get myself all ready for either a good book or a movie of my choice. Lately, I’ve been choosing to read since I am finally able to get back into it. I have been into a set of books by the author Jill Eileen Smith. She’s a Christian author who writes the stories of the women of the bible. They are super addicting, I’m already on my second book. Reading right before bed just calms me and sends me into another world, which I love because it helps me forget of any stresses in life or anything else going on that’s nice to forget about every now and then. 

For me, it really is the simple things that make a difference in the way I enjoy life. I don’t need designer clothing or high-priced facial masks to enjoy a relaxing, pampering night for myself. 

 I hope this simple idea for a quiet night has motivated any moms out there to take time for yourself, even if it’s just an extra long shower. 

Well, I’m off to catch up on some reading while I have the night to myself! Good night! 



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