Being a Modest and Positive Role Model for my daughter

Entering into the “mom world” six months ago opened my eyes to a new world of thinking, dressing, and acting. Pre-motherhood, I really didn’t give too much thought on the modesty of my clothing or the mannerisms of my speaking and how I carry myself. No, I do not curse like a sailor but my temper can get the best of me, and yes, I would make sure my outfits weren’t skimpy (I’ve never been one to want to flaunt too much) and yes, I lost and still lose my temper driving, because I mean hello, I live in South Florida where the driving skills are out the window, but I didn’t really put it into perspective until now, with two big brown eyes watching my every move and hearing my words…. would I really want her seeing or hearing me do anything that I wouldn’t want her saying or doing?

In a world where “skin is in” and where anything with morals or class is criticized, I want my daughter to know I AM NOT LIKE THEM, nor do I EVER want to be. Now, I am not one to judge because I am not perfect nor do I think I am better than anyone else. I am simple, I love my life, and I do “life” to the best of my ability. However, I want her to see me carry myself as a woman who loves God and stands above the people who criticize because they have nothing nice to say or name call because they think the world revolves around them. I want her to know that it is better to not show lots of skin because it shows you value yourself and your body and don’t want to just give it up to anyone. I want her to know that it is ok to be different and that standing out in a positive way will build good character.

With each passing day that she does something new, she reminds me of the mother and person I want to be for her. I am reminded daily to think twice before I dress, act, or speak and she helps me become a better person in those simple ways. She relies on me and I want nothing but the best for her, including the best of what I can give her.

Her beauty, joy, and innocence is something I cherish and want to keep as long as possible. She is my world and she makes mine a brighter and happier one. Even on those nights she doesn’t sleep, or the days she wants constant attention, she reminds me daily that she is such a blessing, I couldn’t imagine my life without her and I want to show her that, through my actions and words.

Some fun at home casual photos of Brielle and I. She is my pride and joy! 



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