Lace It Up!

Being a new mom doesn’t give me much time to really dress up or wear my favorite pair of heals. I usually spend my days off in workout pants and t-shirts that I know will end up with saliva and spit-up by the end of the day. Now that Brielle is a little older (six months) and is actually taking decent naps, it’s getting easier to at least put myself together a little nicer for simple events like going out to dinner, running some errands, or just to hang out with friends. I have found that finding modest and casual but elegant attire still works perfectly since I still have a baby to carry, bring all her accessories that must go with her (baby bag, stroller, toys, etc…) and still be able to function. I was lucky enough to come across this beautiful lace top from ShopPinkBlush. This Trendly Online Boutique has the cutest clothing. I absolutely fell in love with their site because they have a great amount of clothing styles and also cute maternity wear! I almost can’t wait to be pregnant again to purchase some maternity outfits…Almost.
My favorite thing about this top is the lace at the neckline and shoulders. Lace can give a sexy flare to any outfit. As a mother of a baby girl, I want to show and feel sexy in yet a modest and elegant way without it being over the top! Since lately I don’t always tend to feel “sexy” or care to get dressed up, since I spend my days entertaining a six month old and wearing my hair in pony tails and messy buns, this top is just the perfect touch to make my casual outfit go that extra mile and make me feel more elegant in a modest and convenient way. I also love that it’s very soft and thin, which is great since South Florida hasn’t gotten the memo that it is now Fall not Summer. The lace on the top just gives the entire shirt a classy look and is easy to wear with chucks (like I did) for a fun casual night or a pair of heels for a night out on the town. I also can wear this to work and look professional but be comfortable.
You can find this Mocha Heathered Lace Neckline Top at ShopPinkBlush (it also comes in three other colors)
So please go check them out and their amazing line of clothing! 


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