Simplicity is beautiful

 When I took this picture the other day, it really spoke to me. Just watching my husband with my daughter and the love they have for each other, just really made me realize how beautiful the simple things in life are and how blessed I am.
In today’s society, the focus in life is about making money, the finer things in life, and rushing to get to places. Now I’m not saying that striving for success or wanting a nice car or home is bad, however making it a life’s pursuit can cause you to overlook the beauty in the simplicity of life. My husband and I aren’t the richest and we don’t own the top of the line cars or even have a huge home, but we are so happy because we have each other, we are healthy, and have the most amazing little girl who teaches us something new every day as parents and we have families that support us at al times. We are beyond blessed and although we wish some of our current situations could be better, we make the most of what we have and we know we always have each other. That alone makes my life all the more meaningful.

I sometimes get so caught up in everyday routines that I forget to really take in my life or make time for some simple things that make me happy. Lately, I have been taking a moment to stop and do some of the things I enjoy and remind myself that time is flying by and I need to make the most of my life while I can, despite what society thinks my life should be. Here are some things that I have been doing to truly make the most of my days with my family and also just for myself:

  1. Reading a book before bed (now that my daughter is getting into a bedtime routine, I am able to take some time before bed and catch up on some reading, it’s one of my favorite hobbies and puts me in a relaxed state of mind right before bed.)
  2. Taking a long slow stroll with my daughter without looking at my phone (I know this sounds silly but I am learning to really step away from social media especially when I’m with my daughter. Spending as much time with her is so important, especially since she is growing up so quickly. Although strolling with her I don’t get to have face to face contact, we both get to just take in the natural beauty and listen to all our surroundings without the commotion of social media, tvs, or anything else that can be distracting. It puts her and myself in a better and calmer mood)
  3. Cooking ( I know some people find cooking a chore and not enjoyable at all but for me, it’s a place where I can get creative and make something delicious for my family. It’s where I can do something I enjoy and make those I love happy)
  4. Drinking my morning coffee slowly and listening to my baby girl morning chats (my daughter is close to being six months old and the early morning is our time together before errands, and other daily events get in the way. So on days I don’t work, I try to take those mornings and enjoy my morning cup closely while having some quality time with my daughter. Even though it sounds silly because she won’t remember much at this age, it is always a memory for me to have and also a type of tradition I can have with her.)
  5. Putting baby to sleep (I think I have read as much as I plan or ever want to read on what to do with your child at certain stages. I plan to rock my baby to sleep as long as I can because I won’t ever be able to go back in time and enjoy this with her again. I know that at some point I will have to let go, but at six months old, I don’t plan to teach her to cry herself to sleep, it is just not my parenting style. Rocking her to sleep is one of the most rewarding things for me at nights. Even though I’m exhausted from the day, it is our cuddle time and I just sing to her and stare at her beautiful face and just see the innocence she has. It is one of the most calming things for me and I love every minute of it)
  6. Cuddle with my husband (sometimes with life so crazy and busy, my husband and I will just give each other a quick kiss goodnight, turn to our preferred sides and off to sleep we go. I have reminded myself that we need to spend some time together as well. Even though date nights are harder to do, simply cuddling in bed and watching something or just chatting while in each other’s arms, is not only reaffirming the love and connection we have for each other but also gives me a sense of self worth knowing that this man cherishes me above all others and loves me despite it all. It’s a great confidence booster before bedtime)

So I know this blog isn’t the most normal of blogs but I felt the need to share what’s most important to me and hopefully remind you to stop and take in the simplicity of your life in between all the routines of the day.

“When we crave simplicity, we are not after an easier life. We are after life.”          – Dave Bruno


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