Welcome Fall!

IMG_9311So “Fall” has been in full glory here in South Florida. It is still in the 90s and rain is pretty much almost as existent as it was during summer. However, although the temperature hasn’t changed all that much here, it definitely does feel like Fall is here and with that comes all the fun outdoor activities such as pumpkin patches, hay rides, pumpkin carving, house decorating, fall festivals, halloween movies (and by halloween movies, I mean Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter, and the Nightmare before Christmas) , and my favorite… candy corn! I’m super excited this year since I get to do all these fun things with my daughter and start all these family traditions with her.

On that note, my other favorite thing to do during this time of year, is bring out my fall makeup and play makeover with a new look. Since I am not a fashion guru and I opt for comfort rather than what’s trendy or “in” this season. I tend to bring out my personal style and touch to outfits with my makeup. I have a passion for it and although I never went to school for it, I have watched many tutorials and practiced on myself and others many times to say I am getting pretty good at it. My favorite colors during this time are burnt oranges, mustard yellows, golds, and deep browns, which also bring out Brown eyes the best. Yay for brown eyes!

Since I am a new mommy and being able to put makeup on is a rareity, it makes it all that more special when I get to bring my flair into my outfits that dont involve formula spit ups and saliva stained clothes. So here (shown in pic above) are 3 of my favorite fall go-to palettes and a picture of one of the looks I have worn this fall so far! Hope you enjoy!
(Also here is a link to the Target cardigans I am wearing this fall, the one I own is a mustard colored one)


– Veronica


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