My Simple Everyday Fashion Choices as a New Mom

Four months into motherhood and my style of clothing, (or should I say preference of clothing) has changed in a few ways. To start, I have yet to fit into my pre-baby clothes as far as pants go, so I have had to be a little lenient on my choices and also purchase what I call my temporary “fat pants” until I get back into pre-baby weight and size. So my attire lately has been mostly yoga pants, leggings, some skinny jeans that I have purchased in a couple sizes larger (to actually be able to dress up for special outtings) and my newest obsession, Chucks.
One of my all time favorite leggings are from Victoria Secret called “the Daily Legging” (you can find here ), which is the perfect name for them. I saw a sale on them and decided to try them since they are an almost everyday wear and have been in love with the fit and feel since I received them.
My next favorite pair of leggings are from Forever 21, the classic leggings (you can find here ). These are another favorite because they are comfy, come in a ton of different colors and my favorite thing, are only $3.90 each.. So you can’t go wrong stocking up on these!
Skinny Jeans I purchase from American Eagle, its my go to jean place and yoga pants I get either at Old Navy and/or Victoria Secret (when I have some reward cards that I can use to splurge).
Chucks is like the newest shoe attire I wear. I have owned a black pair for years and have probably worn them a total of 5 times. I just never really found much use for them since I was always a flip-flop kind of girl (dont get me wrong, I still love me some flip flops) but as of lately, I find myself reaching for those to go with my outfits. I have now the Mint pair and the White pair and wear them all the time. I have been told they are the “cool mom shoe”. So as I contiue to grow and adjust as a mother, I am truly embracing the new mommy fashion choices.

– Veronica


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