Breastfeeding… Is a science!

So breastfeeding… you hear all the joys of it. “It’s a beautiful thing”, “It’s the best feeling” “It’s a great bonding experience with baby” and while yes it’s all that, no one really tells you how hard it can be and how it can be discouraging or how the baby may not latch on right away. Yes you hear stories of some babies not latching so they were formula fed but usually you just hear all the positives. While breastfeeding is now much easier for me, the first few weeks were very hard. It didn’t help that I was told how horrible formula for a baby is and how that should be my last resort so I put more stress on myself than necessary. While I mostly breastfeed, my baby eats more than I can produce at times so I supplement with formula and my baby girl is healthy and growing as normal as can be. So I’ve come to terms that I am not the overproducing milk machine but I’m doing what I can for my baby and it’s working just fine. We have an amazing connection and I love how she depends on me but I also know how people’s opinions can make a new mother feel less of a mother or put extra pressure that is really not needed since you put pressure on yourself as is. So just food for thought for the new mommies out there, don’t let anyone make you feel less of a mother if you must formula feed completely or even to supplement (I was a formula fed baby and I’m completely fine). Yes breastfeeding is the best for the baby because it has antibodies from the mother and it’s a bonding experience but not every baby latches or not every mom makes enough milk and that’s ok. I supplement and I am happy with it when I know she didn’t get enough from me. I have learned that whatever works for my baby and myself is what I need to do, not try to keep up with the expectations of other mothers, lactation specialists, or any other opinions. As long as my baby is healthy, growing, and happy, that is all that matters to me.



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