My New Life…Being a Mother

May 10, 2015 began the first day of a completely different life. I was blessed on Mother’s Day with a beautiful baby girl that my husband and I named Brielle Rose. She weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and was 19 3/4 inches long. A big baby for my 5 foot frame! (no joke… 31 hours in labor and 3 hours pushing.. she was big!!) I honestly did not understand what people meant when they would tell me “Your life changes completely”, “you will never be the same”, “you’ll love this little human being more than anything”. After having her, I completely understand and know what they meant and feel all of that. My life has changed, I now want to spend all my time with her, I put her needs before my own, even if it means not eating all day because she needs my full attention, I find myself shopping for her and not myself, and the love I feel for her is just indescribable. I catch myself just smiling as I watch her sleep, crying while I look at pictures of her and realizing she is already 7 weeks old and continuing to grow and missing her when I leave her with daddy or grand parents for a couple hours.
As a new mom, I am loving the entire process and watching Brielle grow and do something new every day. The first two weeks were the hardest weeks of my life, full of tears, no sleep, and questioning if I could do this, but I can honestly say 7 weeks in, being a parent is truly the HARDEST but most rewarding job and I’ve only just begun.


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